We build AI-first startups.

The AI2 Incubator is an initiative of the Allen Institute for AI. We help entrepreneurs create AI-first startups through world-leading AI research, support and funding.


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Create Products using State-of-the-Art AI

AI2 employs over 250+ of the world's best scientific and engineering talent in the field of AI, attracting individuals of varied interests and backgrounds from across the globe. Startups incubated at AI2 are given an "unfair advantage" with the most cutting-edge research and methodologies across NLP, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Speech Processing and more.

Computer Vision

Both ‘at-the-edge’ and in the cloud, we train computers to identify and process images in the same way that human vision does, and then provide appropriate output/insights.

Machine Learning

We train computer algorithms to handle new situations via analysis, self-learning, observation and experience—removing manual identification of features in data.


We train computers to understand and read human text—bridging the translation gap between human languages and computer code—and opening a world of possibilities.

Speech Processing

We train computers to artificially simulate human speech, to convert speech into text or text into speech, or to analyze an audio signal to extract insights and meaning.

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We invite talented engineers, researchers, and entrepreneurs to join our incubator on a rolling basis. If you have ever thought of starting an AI-first company, now is the time.

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