AI2 CEO Oren Etzoni contributed to this TechCrunch article on ways GPT-3 will can help startups :

...young companies are harnessing the [GPT-3] API to accelerate their existing efforts, augmenting their technical teams’ capabilities with the power of 175 billion parameters and quickly bringing otherwise difficult products to market with much greater speed and data than previously possible. With some clever prompt engineering (a combination of an instruction to the model with a sample output to help guide the model), these companies leverage the underlying GPT-3 system to improve or extend an existing application’s capabilities.
4 ways startups will drive GPT-3 adoption in 2021 – TechCrunch
What OpenAI — and crucially, the beta testers with access to GPT-3 and other models — are able to accomplish continues to surprise and in many cases, unexpectedly delight us.