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At the AI2 Incubator—we build AI-first startups from scratch. Created by Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen and leading AI researcher Dr. Oren Etzioni, our program pairs talented technologists (like you) with world-class business CEOs. We then spend one year helping these cofounders to build their team, build their product, raise millions in VC funding, and so much more.

Curious about becoming the technical cofounder of the next great AI-first company?

Partner with experienced business co-founders from our community and build the future, together.

We have experienced CEOs ready to pair with you now—and more joining our program every month. Collectively, these entrepreneurs have raised over $100mm in VC funding and know how to get the job done.

The proof is in the AI companies we build

Startups incubated at AI2 are given an "unfair advantage" using the most cutting-edge research and AI methodologies.

  • Xnor


    AI everywhere, on every device.

    XNOR bridges the growing divide between AI models dependent on the cloud and devices running at the edge, on devices as basic as a Raspberry Pi Zero. The company’s patented technology has upended traditional AI, resulting in billions of devices and products being AI-optimized—from battery operated cameras, to complex manufacturing machinery and cars.

    Xnor raised $14.6M and was acquired by Apple in 2020 for ~$200M.



    Conversational understanding as a service.

    KITT.AI makes technology to enable voice interaction with digital devices and services, including a platform that allows people to “wake up” devices with a defined word or phrase, and systems for natural language understanding and dialogue management.

    Acquired by Baidu in 2017.

  • Lexion


    An intelligent Dropbox, for your contracts.

    Lexion reads your contracts, extracts terms, and organizes them — saving you time and money. The product supercharges not just Legal teams, but everyone in the organization who touches contracts.

    Lexion has raised $4.2M in funding. They are backed by and partnered with Wilson Sonsini.

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  • Wellsaid


    A voice for everyone.

    WellSaid creates truly life-like synthetic voices for next generation voice experiences, products, and content. The company’s text-to-speech editor offers video producers an inexpensive, subscription-based alternative to costly voice actors, without the robotic-sounding voices of traditional software.

    Wellsaid has raised millions in VC and has been featured on CNN & TechCrunch.

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    PANDA works by applying breakthrough Natural Language Processing AI in ridiculously practical ways to help teams stay on the same page. They raised $3.3M from PSL Ventures, Ascend and AI2. PANDA is currently available through its early access program.

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  • WhyLabs


    Run AI with certainty.

    WhyLabs is on a mission to build the interface between humans and AI applications. As teams across industries adopt AI, WhyLabs enables them to operate with certainty by streamlining model monitoring, preventing costly model failures, and facilitating cross-functional collaboration.

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  • Ozette


    “High-Resolution Immune Profiling”

    Ozette’s immune profiling platform uses cutting edge A.I. to provide insights that help answer some of the most pressing questions, such as whether or not a therapy works for an individual patient or if we can determine a patient’s disease before they have physical manifestations. Answering these critical questions and understanding the complexity of the immune system in health and disease helps scientists and doctors to drive towards better patient outcomes.

    Ozette has raised $6MM in seed funding from Madrona Venture Group and Vulcan Capital and $6MM in grant funding.

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  • Modulus Therapeutics

    Modulus Therapeutics

    “Cell Therapy By Design”

    The Modulus Convergent Design Platform incorporates the latest in functional genomics and AI to design next generation cell therapies. Modulus is first focused on discovering enhancements needed to make immune cells more effective against solid tumors.

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