Video Conferencing is so 2020.

So we built a better way to meet.

It's called Callout and we think you'll love it.

We spend a lot of time in meetings.

Seriously. Like a month of our lives each year.

We have all sat through meetings that should have been emails. We are tired of it.

We should expect more from the tools we use to meet.

Because meetings are important. We come up with some pretty good ideas in meetings. And they can be fun too. 🥳 🎉

But every collaboration doesn't need to be a meeting. And meetings don't need to take over our lives.

Forget pointless meetings.

Make Moments that matter.

Things slip through the cracks in meetings. They're either not noticed, not written down, or not shared.

So we built a super-easy way to capture snapshots of what happened. They're called Moments, and they're the heart of why Callout is better.

From a key insight, to a task, to something funny someone said, Moments help you save the things that matter.

It's a new way of working together.

Moments are like discussion threads. They branch off of meetings and let your team collaborate on topics even after the meeting ends.

Unlike chat or email, all the important meeting context is right in the Moment, like who said what when.

You can mention someone in a Moment. You can share links to them. You can weave them into the other places you work. Moments help everyone stay in sync without eating up your day.

It's a simple idea. But we think it's a pretty big one too.

Here's how Callout changes the game:

Safely skip excess meetings.

If you're not needed, don't go. You can quickly get caught up by replaying the Moment highlights. If something demands your attention, your teammates can easily mention you in any Moment.

Stay in the know without the effort.

Meetings silo information, but Moments break your information free. We're building advanced AI to help you capture, organize, and discover insights from Moments across your organization.

Take things "offline" with ease.

With Moments, lively discussions don't need to eat up everyone's time. You can keep your meetings more efficient, while giving important ideas the space and time they need to blossom.

Work on your own time.

The notion of everyone needing to be present at the same place and time ended in 2020. With Moments, teams are more inclusive and flexible, and everyone works together seamlessly regardless of time or location.

Keep your projects on track.

Moments make it simple to capture and track decisions, tasks, and follow-up items. Link them to tickets, notes, and project plans to make sure everyone knows what was decided and what needs to be done.

That's it for now, but stay tuned for more!

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